Mar 18, 2010

Common Hair Problems

Common Hair and Scalp Problems

Itchy Scalp - If you have itching of the scalp, there maybe two main causes.
  1. Lice
            Apart from affecting the scalp, lice can reside on the body and on the clothes as well. The lice suck blood from the skin and may cause infection. The main problem however is itching. The thing to look for, to confirm the presence of lice, are the eggs laid by lice; these are attached to the hair and are the size of a pinhead, so you really have to search carefully for them. Once the diagnosis is made the problem is easily treated with malathion or gamma benzene hexachloride; both have to be applied once a week for two weeks.
  1. Dandruff
            We all shed dead skin cells as a normal process; these cells are not shed off individually but as aggravates which are normally too small to be seen. In dandruff, however, the shedding of the dead cells is in larger visible aggravates; there is also an excessive production of dead cells. Dandruff is generally rare in children. Scaling generally begins to emerge at adolescence. Starting at puberty, dandruff increases gradually over the next few years; it is maximum in the early twenties. Later over the years, it gradually decreases and is decidedly rare in the elderly.
Getting Rid Of Dandruff
            There are two ways of treating dandruff: either the scales are removed as quickly as they are formed, or the formation of scales is suppressed. Shampooing is a good way to rapidly remove the scales. To be effective the washing should be thorough and frequent. Application of oils temporarily improves the appearance of a scaly scalp because the scales stick to the scalp and are less visible. But oils tend to nullify the effect of shampooing to a considerable extent and are best avoided if you are suffering from dandruff. Medicated shampoos are very popular, these contain selenium sulphide, zinc pyrithione or coaltar.These agents decrease the production of scales in addition to removing the scales. Corticosteroid applications are also very effective in reducing the production of scales and are used for severe dandruff. But the most important aspect of treating dandruff is that the medications should be used regularly till you outgrow the problem.

Greying Of Hair
            The age of onset of the greying process is largely determined by our genes. Generally by the age of 50, 50% of the population has at least 50% grey hair. Grey hair can sometimes appear earlier too. Premature greying runs in certain families. Rapid greying of hair may occur after severe emotional stress. In certain internal diseases like diseases of the Thyroid Gland, certain anaemias, hair may grey early.
What Can Be Done
            The usual and the most effective way of dealing with greying of hair is dyeing it. There are several dyes available. The oxidative dyes are the most versatile and the most frequently used, despite the fact that they can cause reactions. Henna is also used because apart from its safety it is a superb conditioner.

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