Mar 19, 2010


Water: Have six glasses each day.

Colorful fruit and vegetables: Have five daily servings, including red/orange/yellow vegetables and fruits, purple foods, green foods, onions and garlic,and ‘seed’ foods such as peas.
Fresh seeds: Each day have one tablespoon of mixed fresh seeds, e.g. pumpkin, sunflower, sesame or ground hemp/linseed.
Essential fats: Have a tablespoon of cold-pressed seed oils daily and oily fish three times a week.
Fiber-rich foods: Eat plenty of whole grains, root vegetables, lentils and beans.
Organic foods: Eat organic as far as possible.
Alternatives to dairy products: Try sometimes using alternatives to milk and cheese such as Soya, milk and tofu.
Vegetable sources of protein: Include some Soya, beans, lentils and sprouted seeds.Yoghurt: Have low-fat, live, organic yoghurt.
Alcohol: Avoid completely or limit your alcohol intake.
Tea and coffee: Have no more than two cups a day.

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