Mar 19, 2010

Treatments & Remedies

Treatments & Remedies

  1. Dark Circles can be removed by applying peeled and grated potato overnight at least three times a week.
  2. Make cotton pads and dip them in cucumber juice. Place on your eyes for 15 minutes. The effect is cooling and relaxes your eyes.
  3. Massaging eyes with almond oil is of great help. Massage at bed time daily, and in two weeks you will see the difference.
  4. Dark circles can be removed by doing pranayam daily for at least five minutes.
  5. Pressing the mount below index finger of the palm is good for eyesight and removing dark circles.
  6. When stressed, keep your eyes covered with cucumber slices for some time.
  7. Dip cotton balls in rose water and keep for 5-10 minutes. Drink as much water as you can drink.
  8. Dip cotton balls in chilled water and keep for 5-10 minutes on the eyes.
  9. Take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid reading late at night, lying down.
  10. Every morning, after washing your face, gently apply mixture of equal parts of tomato and lime juice; wash after half an hour.
  11. Alternate hot and cold compresses under your eyes for 10 minutes. Then apply a teaspoon of almond oil mixed with half teaspoon of lime juice on the dark surface every night before going to bed.
  12. For cooling effect to eyes paste of the herb nutmeg (Jaiphala) made with milk may be applied all around the eyes and over the eyelids.

Home Remedies
            Probably the most popular home remedy for dark eye circles is to apply slices of raw potato or cucumber over the eyelids for about 15 minutes. Grated raw potato wrapped in cheesecloth can also be used. Potatoes contain catecholase, an enzyme that is used as a skin lightener in many cosmetics. You can apply freshly grated cucumber or the resultant juice over the eyes to lighten the area.

            Almonds are considered excellent skin food and it is believed that a paste of almonds applied over the eyes for about 10 minutes can go a long way in reducing dark under eye bags. Alternatively you can apply rich almond oil under the eyes. Vitamin E or olive oil is also regularly used in treating dark circles around the eyes. Another popular home remedy for dark eye circles is to place cool, used tea bags on the tired eyes. Applying crushed mint leaves around the eyes can also reduce dark circles.
Topical creams that have Vitamin K derivatives are prescribed for reducing dark eye circles. Antioxidant products containing Vitamins C and E are known to stimulate fibroblast activity in the dermal layer and help firm up the skin. This can greatly reduce baggy eyes that are dark and sagging. Over-the-counter products containing kinetin or AHA are available for regular use to reduce severe under eye circles. Chemical peels may be effective in reducing chronic dark eye circles.

          Using an under eye concealer is the best way to hide the unsightly dark circles. Do not choose a shade that is much lighter than your skin tone else it will accentuate the baggy dark circles. Dab concealer gently under the eyes and blend it with the foundation. The inner corner of your eye is usually the darkest part, so ensure that it is well concealed. Rev up your tired looking eyes with gold-based concealers. Avoid mascara and eyeliner to the lower lashes for fear of drawing attention to the dark under eye circles.

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